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intestinal lumen

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Selected Publications

Sonnenburg JL. Fischbach MA. Community health care: Therapeutic opportunities in the human microbiome. Sci. Transl. Med. 2011; 3(78):78ps12. download pdf

Nelson TA, Holmes S, Alekseyenko AV, Shenoy M, Desantis T, Wu CH, Andersen GL, Winston J, Sonnenburg J, Pasricha PJ, Spormann A. PhyloChip microarray analysis reveals altered gastrointestinal microbial communities in a rat model of colonic hypersensitivity. Neurogastroenterol Motil. 2011; 23(2):169-77. download pdf

*Sonnenburg ED, *Zheng H, Joglekar P, Higginbottom SK, Firbank SJ, Bolam DN, Sonnenburg JL. Specificity of polysaccharide use in intestinal bacteroides species determines diet-induced microbiota alterations. Cell. 2010; 141(7):1241-52. download pdf

Sonnenburg JL. Microbiology: Genetic pot luck. Nature. 2010; 464(7290):837-8. download pdf

*Lecuit M, *Sonnenburg JL, Cossart P, Gordon JI. Functional genomic studies of the intestinal response to a foodborne enteropathogen in a humanized gnotobiotic mouse model. J. Biol. Chem. 2007; 282(20):15065-72. download pdf

Sonnenburg JL, Chen CTL, Gordon JI. Genomic and metabolic studies of the impact of probiotics on a model gut symbiont and host. PLoS Biol.2006; 4(12): e413. download pdf

Sonnenburg ED, Sonnenburg JL, Manchester J, Hansen E, Chiang H, Gordon JI. A hybrid two component system protein of a prominent human gut symbiont couples glycan sensing in vivo to carbohydrate metabolism. PNAS. 2006; 103(23):8834-9. download pdf

Sonnenburg JL, Xu J, Leip DD, Chen CH, Westover BP, Weatherford J, Buhler JD, Gordon JI. Glycan foraging in vivo by an intestine-adapted bacterial symbiont. Science. 2005; 307(5717):1955-9. download pdf

Backhed F, Ley RE, Sonnenburg JL, Peterson DA, Gordon JI. Host-bacterial mutualism in the human intestine. Science. 2005; 307(5717):1915-20. download pdf

Westover BP, Buhler JD, Sonnenburg JL, Gordon JI. Operon prediction without a training set. Bioinformatics. 2005; 21(7):880-8. download pdf

Sonnenburg JL, Angenent LT, Gordon JI. Getting a grip on things: how do communities of bacterial symbionts become established in our intestine? Nat. Immunol. 2004; 5(6):569-73. download pdf

Sonnenburg JL, Altheide TK, Varki A. A uniquely human consequence of domain-specific functional adaptation in a sialic acid-binding receptor. Glycobiology. 2004; 14(4):339-46. download pdf